Accompanying Program

and leisure tips
In a relaxed atmosphere and scenic location, you have the opportunity to manage an event that is beyond a standard meeting. You can create an unforgettable experience for you and your participants:


Team spirit and cooperation are becoming increasingly important. With our offers of interactive events, team buildings and incentives, which are feasible at our permises, we guarantee you and your participants, exceptional experiences and lasting memories.

Team Olympics – Game without limits
Blindly rely on the group, unconditionally trust your team members, who are carrying you throug a cobweb by their hands, solve the most difficult and trickiest tasks together – the team course is a challenge for young and old. In teams of about 10 people for each station our team course is completed. The motto of all actions is: Together we are strong! Times humorous, sometimes casual, sometimes intellectually, you have to break through individual obstacles and solve riddles. At the latest by the end of the course, the group is confident of the importance of communication processes and clearly defined team structures to develop strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution. The newly acquired team spirit shall in turn release a positive impact on the working process of the team.

Construction of a soapbox
The soapbox – an assembly kit and a team struggling with physics … Experience this exceptional team action and design your internal car racing. Set up your own team and design your custom soapbox with the kit – the components can be arbitrarily bolted together. Can you manage to construct a working brake and steering? After the construction phase, the teams will compete in the time trial against each other. But it is not only about speed. Creativity is needed when it comes to the design of the race suits and team flag. The overall presentation and of course the vehicle design itself, are important factors. After the final award ceremony with champagne shower, the common celebration begins in the paddock. This unique teambuilding is appropriate for creativity, team spirit and to take targeted action. Become a witness of an exciting development in the design, construction and testing phase.

Archery in the light of the torches
Bathed in the warm glow of the torches, you can spend a cozy evening at archery with your colleagues. Enjoy this extraordinary atmosphere under the stars. A little competition in archery among colleagues can contribute to an exciting event to your meeting. In a subsequent cozy gathering around the campfire you can come together with colleagues and enjoy our barbecue buffet or a glogg (depending on the season).

“Trabi Abi”
Learn about the history and technology of the cult vehicle of the GDR. Show your driving skills in the blindfolded slalom and your skill in tire rolling. After passed an examination, each participant receives the Trabi-driving license; The best participants will be awarded for their achievements. There is one thing you will definitely keep in mind after the 2 hours have passed – the memory of an unforgettable experience.


This only should be a few examples; we will be pleased, together with the Erlebniswelten-Outdoorteam to create your individual event to match your ideas and the according budget. Of course we are always available for a personal consultation. All programs are supervised by competent local coaches.

Gather new strength and motivation for the future, you can bind your team together, tie customers or reward your employees.

The Atrium Hotel Amadeus team and the Erlebniswelten-Outdoorteam are looking forward to exciting days with you! Click the icon below for more inspiration on team events.


Active programs

Rotkäppchen sparkling wine cellars
In 1856, the “Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei” was founded. Of particular interest is the historic light atrium, the 5-storey cellar system and the mighty vault featuring the largest carved wooden barrel cuvée in Germany, built around the turn of the century.
Guided tours: Daily from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm, and on weekends and holidays 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. Guided group tours with tastings after written registration.

Climbing forest at Naumburg
Balance over bridges, beams and ropes from tree to tree. Go skateboarding at a height of ten meters. Run on a rolling barrel between the trees and experience the exciting downhill run with the Flying Fox. Five itineraries of varying degrees of difficulty are waiting for you. From 10 persons.

Naumburg’s winery and sparkling wine manufactory
Experience the fascination of the more than 800 years old, largest, carved in natural rock, vaulted cellar of the Saale-Unstrut region.

Tour possibilities:

Vineyard tour:
Tour of the vineyard in Blütengrund (good shoes required), farm visit and tasting of 3 wines. From 10 people – duration 1.5 h

City tour:
Visit the old city of Naumburg followed by a tasting of 2 wines (visit to the cathedral on request), followed by a winery tour and tasting of 3 wines or 2 sects
From 20 people – duration 3 hours

Cable car:
Take the path of the smallest cable car operation in Germany and taste 2 wines, afterwards you attend to a winery tour and a tasting of 3 wines or 2 sects.
From 20 people – duration 3 hours

Boat trip:
From Naumburg’s Blütengrund you go by boat on the Unstrut to Freyburg, to look at the beautiful old city and then take the boat back.

This should be just a few examples for your accompaying program. Of course, we can also assist you planning your own personal ideas. Relaxation in the sauna, workout in our gym and sunbathing on our lawn can also be a successful outcome to your meeting as well, or you mobilize new forces for the continuation of your conference.


Sports & Recreation

Sauna & Gym
Relax in our sauna or keep physically fit in our gym.

During your stay you do not have to relinquish your daily jogging tour – you run on paved roads through the great outdoors.

A soccer pitch is located in close proximity to the hotel in Osterfeld.

Osterfeld’s natural swimming pool
During summer months, the natural pool in Osterfeld ensures great water fun.

In Naumburg and in Zeitz (15 min. away) a bowling center is respectively expecting you.

Paddle fun on Saale and Unstrut
We can organize for you paddle or canoe trips on local waters.

Biking tour
Together with colleagues and friends you can explore our beautiful wine region on the “Saale-Weinwanderweg” on a bike. On request, we will organize guided tours.