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Discover the Burgenlandkreis, located in the south of Saxony-Anhalt and be inspired by the spirit of the centuries. Amidst beautiful vineyards, you will find medieval castles and cathedrals. The “Naumburger Dom” is even UNESCO World Heritage.

The Burgenlandkreis is the most attractive district of Saxony-Anhalts. Castles, landscapes and nature reserves as well as the 60 km wine route and much more are waiting to be discovered.

Our house is quietly situated in the countryside and still the cities of Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar, Erfurt and Halle are in immediate vicinity. Spas, boat trips, lakes, cities of poets and philosophers, sports and socializing and (of course) finest wines are waiting for you.

You will find more information on our region at the Saale-Unstrut Tourism Board


excursion tips


The historic old city of Naumburg invites you to stroll through its narrow streets (guided tour possible) and will let you feel the spirit of centuries. Your way will inevitably lead you to the famous “Naumburger Dom”, the Cathedral of St Peter & Paul, which is UNESCO World Heritage since 2018 and therefore one of the biggest attractions of the region.


Tradition and modernity are unified in the listed building of the largest sparkling wine producer in Germany – the Rotkäppchen Sparkling Wine Cellars in Freyburg. After an eventful tour you have an “exciting experience from thousands pearls” and taste a glass of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine. This fits especially our Rotkäppchen offer.


Visit Goethe’s & Schiller’s town of Weimar. Exemplary, start with Goethe’s house with the National Museum. During a guided city tour, you will experience classic & contemporary and learn both, science and endearing about Weimar personalities: Goethe, Schiller, Bach, Liszt, Gropius and many more. After this interesting and insightful tour you have time to further explore Weimar on your own.

In contrary to the quiet town of Weimar there is the modern and lively city of Jena. Especially recommended is a visit to the Zeiss Planetarium. First opened in 1926, it is the oldest planetarium in the world. With a completely new, unique in this form, all-dome laser projection entertainment, knowledge transfer is offered in every season. A trip to Jena’s Botanical Garden is always worth it.


Discover, one of the largest, nearly remained unscathed monuments from war. Explore the hometown and birthplace of George Friedrich Händel. At the market there is his memorial and at St. Mary’s Church you can gaze the “queen of instruments”, on which he once learned to play the organ music. The path also leads to the Cathedral, which was the first domain of the greatest son of the city.

In Halle another highlight is the oldest chocolate factory in Germany, the Halloren
Chocolate Factory. Experience the 200-year-old tradition of chocolate on a tour through the chocolate museum and the Chocolate Factory. The Halloren Chocolate Museum provides answers to many questions around the sweet seduction. Learn amazing things about the world of chocolate and the history of the oldest chocolate factory in Germany.

Our castle and wine region has a lot to offer:


Visit to the Naumburg’s cathedral, St. Peter & Paul

Sparkling wine tasting at the famous sparkling wine cellars of Rotkäppchen in Freyburg

Wine tasting sessions in the wine area Saale-Unstrut

Rallies to Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt and Weimar

Knight’s Dinner Neuenburg in Freyburg

Visit to the Horch Museum in Zwickau

Visit the Rudelsburg in Bad Kösen

Visit the playing cards Altenburg

Visit to the Käthe Kruse doll museum in Bad Kosen

Rafting on the river Saale from Naumburg

Dinghy or canoeing on the Saale or Unstrut from Naumburg

Ballooning from Osterfeld, Naumburg or Freyburg

Fahrsicherheitstraining at the Sachsenring in Zwickau

Kart race with award ceremony at the Sachsenring indoor kart track

Visit the Wasserburg in Schkölen

Visit to the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena

Visiting the Moritzburg in Zeitz

Visit the famous pottery Bürgel

Boat tours of a special kind with the Saale-Unstrut shipping company


This should be just a few examples of cultural and recreational opportunities in our region. Of course, we can also help you in planning your own personal ideas.

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